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Are you passionate about personal growth?

Are you interested in an innovative and intuitive approach?

Are you curious about mediation, visualisation, tarot and astrology?

Are you looking for a fresh perspective into a situation or a challenge, to take meaningful action?

Do you want to develop your intuition onto a deeper level?

Do you want more clarity, peacefulness and alignment in your life?

Then you are in the right place!

Come and reach your full potential with me.




I am a creative Executive Coach. I help purpose-driven people to (re)balance their rational and intuitive abilities, so that they can take meaningful actions and reach their full potential, for a fulfilling career and life.



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“I have come to feel that the only learning which significantly influences behavior is self-discovery”

– Carl Rogers

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My goal is to help you make more conscious and effective decisions, to live a happier, more productive and meaningful life.

You will gain a deeper understanding of a situation and on what goes on below the surface in yourself and others.

You will explore in a safe space your “possible selves”, to discover different realities and various layers of your world.

You will become more aware of your intuitive capabilities and be able to perform to your full pontential.

You will define the goals that are deeply meaningful and actionable for you.

And you will achieve them faster and easier.


Empowering coaching sessions and classes, with a creative and playful energy and a touch of magic.

Based on conventional and more creative coaching tools, I offer:

Traditional coaching sessions

Tarot & coaching sessions

Astrology & coaching sessions

Personalised growth programmes

Personalised pre-recorded discovery sessions

Tarot & coaching classes

All sessions and classes take place via Zoom or Whatsapp, you can join me from all over the world.


    I bring along a diverse professional background, a solid academic knowledge, a holistic  and pragmatic approach and a vibrant personality.

    My professionalism comes through a unique combination of 20+ years of international recruitment and coaching practice.

    An innovative and holistic coaching approach: conscious/subconscious techniques and concepts from many psychological approaches (NLP, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, Jungian archetypes…and tarot and astrology).

    A multilayer, rich in colour 30 years+ professional trajectory: from classical dancer to big multinationals and finally helping people to achieve their dreams.

    Strong holistic “left/right brain” academic background.

    My energy for you: a cosmopolitan by heart, I am caring, open-minded, dynamic, creative with a touch of rebellion 😊